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Art Dec and Character Development

Shooting ended a while ago, but I’m still mulling over my experiences working on an actual film crew. Being in control of what the set looked like really went beyond what I expected. It helped develop the character’s personality into something more concrete. I never considered how connected a personal space (such as a room) […]

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Publicity and Post-Production

Tyson Laidler June 18, 2011 Now all that needs to be completed is editing. After using the slate as part of 2nd AC during the kitchen scenes, I’ll be doing the job of Sound Editor once the final cut is complete. During last class we saw the rough cut of the film and pitched in […]

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It’s seems like everything is coming together…

But maybe thats just what I think. In today’s meeting aka. class, we got to see a rough edit of the film! I was shocked as to how good it looked for just being rough. I never really understood what it took to edit a movie and now I finally know. The amount of ways […]

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Food Inc.

Final day of production was a doozy! It’s now a week later, and some of us are still recovering! I got to set earlier than the day before with the goal of getting all the french toast ready in advance of anyone showing up so that I might be able to sit down and enjoy […]

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  How Socrates Bought the Farm was shot with a RED camera. This was the same camera that was used to shoot such films as: The Social Network, The Amazing Spider-man, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and District 9.

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Hi there! Just got home from meeting up with a local composer in Victoria. Was a pretty interesting experience seeing how easily music can be made on a computer. I would just throw out some ideas of what type of music might fit with the film and he would just crank out songs; he’s like a human […]

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Set Dec

June 11, 2011. Tyson Laidler Filming is done but there’s still plenty to talk about. While the Hospital scenes didn’t need much work, Rowan’s bedroom required some planning and the most decorating. First I did some quick concept drawings of what the bedroom would generally look like. Keeping in mind what props were required and […]

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Avec du fromage!

Day two of production is over and in just a few hours we’ll do it all over again! It’s just coming up to 3:30am, which means that I have been up for 20 hours straight. (Cooking’s all fine and dandy. It’s the dishes that break you.) I’m dead on my feet but feeling pretty proud […]

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Let’s Get Cookin’

Hi! My name’s Marynia (but everyone calls me Wil) and I’m in charge of catering for “How Socrates Bought the Farm.” This means that I have to organize two breakfasts and two dinners and snacks for the 20 members of cast and crew working on set. Yesterday I spent just over $220 on groceries at two different […]

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First Day of Shooting

June 6th, 2011. Tyson Laidler Began and finished shooting the hospital scene yesterday. In terms of set design and decorating, very little was required as the location already supplied all our props (except the pudding cup and spoon). Some items within the classroom were moved around in the area of filming, such as the training […]

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