Publicity and Post-Production

Tyson Laidler
June 18, 2011

Now all that needs to be completed is editing. After using the slate as part of 2nd AC during the kitchen scenes, I’ll be doing the job of Sound Editor once the final cut is complete. During last class we saw the rough cut of the film and pitched in what we liked about it and what needed to be improved. There were some pacing and structure issues that were talked about and some good ideas bouncing around the classroom on how to improve some scenes for the end cut. It will be interesting to hear what the soundtrack/score will sound like, as well as sound effects. Some early EPK footage was also screened and looked promising as well. The interview with Dan was shot professionally and all in all captured the good time felling of our class and of the production. The make-up video by Alexa was pretty funny, ending was…creepy, but creative.

Also, the Socrates film shoot was featured in the Times Colonist this past week. Many thanks to Michael D. Reid for the really positive article. It was awesome to see our hard work get published, and it was great to see my painting displayed in their photo. Set designing along side Nicole was lots of fun to do and not as strenuous as I thought it would be. Looks like things should go smoothly for the remainder of class.

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