Editing and the Last Hurrah…

Tyson Laidler
June 25, 2011

Well I suppose this is my last post.

Looks like the editing team has gone beyond the call of duty. The final cut is almost done except for some sound effects and the end credits. The last few classes really showed off the progression and hard work then went into the editing. Although there was usually something to critique, the latest version fixed most of the flaws. In other news, I sent in my Bio to Devin and handed in my work binder to Dan.

Thursday was our last class, and honestly we couldn’t have ended it any better. The potluck/Wrap party (or ‘rap’ party if you prefer) was a fuck-ton of fun. Seeing all the cast and crew come to view the latest cut was great, although it took some time to finally screen it due to unseen technical difficulties that we finally overcame. Sopranos was just as enjoyable. I grew some balls and went up and sang Semi-Charmed Life (ahhh…nineties nostalgia) and got a pretty positive response back. Loved Dan’s jazz singing, I think we were all pleasantly surprised by that. It was amusing to see those shady biker guys singing all those hardcore songs like Dead or Alive. For my first time going to Sopranos, it was totally worth it.

Anywho, that’s all I have to say. I wish all my classmates a good summer break,  may the shwarts be with you, and as an added bonus, here’s some video I recorded on set.

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  1. danhogg says:

    Ah… the joy of waiting for playback to work.