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DVD Label artwork

Here is what the DVDs will look like!

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Concept Art

Here are some concept art pieces for the posters. Originally I thought that the movie poster should have a feel that was less than serious. I designed both of these pieces before it was evident that the film would be much more somber and dark. These designs were not only meant to be colored in […]

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Newest Poster!

Here is the Newest Poster! Let me know what you think of it. The DVD jacket is on its way.

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Lessons in Sound – Lesson 4: Editing Sound Effects

When I record sound effects, rather than creating multiple takes for a single sound source (ie, hitting a pizza pan), I tend to continue the recording and try multiple permutations of sound levels, microphone distances and, in the case of something like a pizza pan, velocities.  By recording these permutations in one track you save […]

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Even though the official class is gone, I still often bring up how awesome it was to my friends. I miss the people I grew close to over the several days we shot. Since moving to Canada, I found it hard to meet people in classes when everyone was so quiet and kept to themselves, […]

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Editing and the Last Hurrah…

Tyson Laidler June 25, 2011 Well I suppose this is my last post. Looks like the editing team has gone beyond the call of duty. The final cut is almost done except for some sound effects and the end credits. The last few classes really showed off the progression and hard work then went into […]

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June 27th

We have wrapped class! We have wrapped class! Last Thursday was our last class of Writ 320, yet the production of How Socrates Bought the Farm continues. In our final meeting we tried out a couple of songs for the intro to the film. One of them had a classical feel and the other had […]

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Lessons in Sound – Lesson 3: Teambuilding

As I mentioned in an earlier post, on set things can get tense. It is hard enough to work long hours let alone working long hours with people you don’t really know. This is why it is important to bond with your fellow crew members. This is likely to happen organically but being conscious of […]

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That’s Editing!

So, Lachlan and I have been logging insane hours trying to piece (by piece) together How Socrates Bought the Farm now that we’re in the post production editing phase of things. You think when faced with doing a rough cut, it’d be pretty straight forward. Wrong! First we had to sync the footage together with […]

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We were strangers once….

Now that the production of How Socrates Bought the Farm is slowly coming to an end I’ve realized how close of a class we have become. I am going into my 4th year at the University of Victoria and I can honestly say I have never been apart of a class quite like this. I […]

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