June 27th

We have wrapped class! We have wrapped class! Last Thursday was our last class of Writ 320, yet the production of How Socrates Bought the Farm continues.

In our final meeting we tried out a couple of songs for the intro to the film. One of them had a classical feel and the other had  more of a Vampire Diaries/western feel. They both worked great with the film, yet they produced completely different moods and tones. The more classical song gave the movie more of a serious tone. It worked great with the opening scene of the movie. The western style music also too worked great. However, this song produced more of the comedic vibe. It was a lot more light hearted. Personally I would prefere a more light hearted song instead of a classical song. I just think that because the film is a dark comedy we really need to try to enhance the comedic part of it and by choosing a song that is more “easy going” will do this.

I can’t wait to see the final version of How Socrates Bought the Farm! It should be finished soon, seeing as we are hoping to enter it into some film festivals coming up!


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