Even though the official class is gone, I still often bring up how awesome it was to my friends. I miss the people I grew close to over the several days we shot. Since moving to Canada, I found it hard to meet people in classes when everyone was so quiet and kept to themselves, but this class really gave everyone an opportunity to meet someone they normally wouldn’t talk to. We were open with each other when it came to critique, and were always ready to jump in and help anyone on the set that needed it. We also all started on the same page: liking movies, not quite sure what it really took to make a film. It was an easy transition from a group of individuals to a team.

It makes me wish we could all get together again as a crew and work on a new film, eating snacks and trying not to get too stressed (leaving that up to Dan) and just generally getting to know each other more. Wish a strong director and a great Director of Photography, we made this short film come together. How Socrates Bought the Farm was a great experience for everyone who participated, and hopefully, to those who will eventually view it.

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