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Lessons in Sound – Lesson 4: Editing Sound Effects

When I record sound effects, rather than creating multiple takes for a single sound source (ie, hitting a pizza pan), I tend to continue the recording and try multiple permutations of sound levels, microphone distances and, in the case of something like a pizza pan, velocities.  By recording these permutations in one track you save […]

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Lessons in Sound – Lesson 3: Teambuilding

As I mentioned in an earlier post, on set things can get tense. It is hard enough to work long hours let alone working long hours with people you don’t really know. This is why it is important to bond with your fellow crew members. This is likely to happen organically but being conscious of […]

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Lessons in Sound – Lesson 2: Havin Fun (On Set)

This second lesson is a little less about sound and a lot more about constructive attitudes on the set of a film. A long day on set can really test everyone’s patience and thus it is very important to take time to let off some steam and have fun. No matter how tight your schedule […]

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Lessons in Sound – Lesson 1: Critical Distance

One of the most important concepts for recording sound is the idea of ‘Critical Distance’. Wikipedia defines ‘Critical Distance‘ as: “the distance at which the sound pressure level of the direct and the reverberant sound fields are equal when dealing with a directional source.” What this essentially means is at the threshold of ‘Critical Distance’ […]

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