We were strangers once….

Now that the production of How Socrates Bought the Farm is slowly coming to an end I’ve realized how close of a class we have become. I am going into my 4th year at the University of Victoria and I can honestly say I have never been apart of a class quite like this. I have met people I would have never gotten the opportunity to get to know had it not been for me stepping out of my comfort zone and throwing myself into a film class.

I’m sure most students can relate to me when I say that in a typical 300 person class at Uvic meeting people for some reason is hard. It is easy to say hi to people on a day-to-day basis, but really getting a friendship out of those “hi’s” and “bye’s” is really quite difficult. Writing 320 has allowed me to get to know more people in one class than any other class I have taken to this day. We’re kind of like this little film team…..perhaps even a crew?

The people who are enrolled in this class come from all different social circles at UVic. We are a very diverse group of people. Some of us want to continue on in film while others want to never touch a boom, or a camera ever again. Some of us are writing majors while others of us are econ majors. We have come from all parts of the campus, here at UVic, and produced at short film!


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