Food Inc.

Final day of production was a doozy! It’s now a week later, and some of us are still recovering!
I got to set earlier than the day before with the goal of getting all the french toast ready in advance of anyone showing up so that I might be able to sit down and enjoy a “family” style breakfast with cast and crew. NAIVE! 🙂 I was making french toast for 2 hours straight and ended up eating a banana! My generous friend Charlotte connected me with 6 free loaves of Cobs bread and so I was duty bound to use it all. So even though people were as full as full can be, I had an extra three loaves to turn into french toast fingers for snacking on throughout the day. After that was taken care of I zipped home to grab the chili and rice. But, my food obstacles were only beginning because when I returned to set, the kitchen was crammed packed with lighting, the video monitor, continuity and our dear old director, Jeremy. So Christina and I took off to heat up lunch at her place before returning to feed everyone. Afterward I was really hoping to get some Gripping in but the dishes were calling. One of the rules we were told was to leave the location better than how we found it. And so the mess we’d accumulated in two days of shooting was a pretty pressing problem.
It was pretty funny cleaning in between takes. So even though I didn’t get to play with any lights and it took a few hours, by the end of it Connor’s kitchen was pretty impressively clean even if I do say so myself.
So with that, my job as caterer/chef/dishwasher came to an end. 🙂
And now I’m one of two editors in charge of sorting through and piecing together the footage we shot.
Next blog about that whole new process!


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