It’s seems like everything is coming together…

But maybe thats just what I think. In today’s meeting aka. class, we got to see a rough edit of the film! I was shocked as to how good it looked for just being rough. I never really understood what it took to edit a movie and now I finally know. The amount of ways that you can edit each shot is absurd. Sound and the camera are completely separate, meaning that you can place the sounds that took place in one sense and put them over another. This to me makes editing so complicated because everything can be edited like 400 ways. There are too many choices.

I also never realized how much control an editor really does have over the direction of the movie. If a movie has a shitty editor then most likely the movie wont be too great. Lachlan and Wil are the editors for “How Socrates Bought the Farm,” and I must say they are doing an excellent job.

In talking to Lachlan today I was shocked to hear that in less than 5 days he has put in more than 30 hours just getting it to the rough version! I can’t even imagine how long and how many people it would take to edit a feature film.

As for the music for the film, he says he should have a CD full of tunes ready for mondays meeting!

Keep your fingers crossed.


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