Hello internet world! My name is Jeff Hilman, and I worked as one of the “sound guys” on the set of Fear or Favour. Alongside Noel Anstey and David Parfit, I am working as a boom mic operator, sound recordist, foley artist, sound designer, sound mixer, and co-composer. What do all these have in common? They’re a ton of work! Oh yeah, and they involve the audial side of the production, too. Coming into this project, I had an idea of what lay ahead in terms of the work. What I didn’t know was that all these seemingly separate jobs weren’t so separate after all. From start to finish, the process may be a tiring one, but overall it will be an unforgettable and extremely valuable one, too. Continue reading

Can I Trust You? – An Impression of Damages

Lawyers. Lawyers and doctors are a staple of television. Anyone who’s done some channel surfing can probably name a few shows about one or the other or both. But I have a question for you channel surfers: do you know why there are so many? I don’t. But I have an idea. Which is good because I’m one of the writers working on Fear or Favour. It’s a web series that follows two lawyers and their kin. That probably sounds familiar. But that’s just the bones. The meat is what makes it better.

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Breakdown of the Sound Department

Hi, it’s Noel here – just your friendly neighbourhood audio tech!

In anticipation to filming Fear or Favour I’ve been researching the roles and duties of the sound department in a typical production team. These duties may greatly differ depending on the size of the production team and the scope of the project. While there may be 10 or more unique roles inside of the sound department, for Fear or Favour Jeff and I are doing it all! Despite this and for the sake of my own interest, I decided to research how a larger sound team might be assembled. Continue reading