I am a current UVIC student studying to become a sound designer for film, TV, and/or video games. I enjoy long walks on the beach, classy dinners, and of course plenty of 12 hour days holding boom microphones above my head.


Hello internet world! My name is Jeff Hilman, and I worked as one of the “sound guys” on the set of Fear or Favour. Alongside Noel Anstey and David Parfit, I am working as a boom mic operator, sound recordist, foley artist, sound designer, sound mixer, and co-composer. What do all these have in common? They’re a ton of work! Oh yeah, and they involve the audial side of the production, too. Coming into this project, I had an idea of what lay ahead in terms of the work. What I didn’t know was that all these seemingly separate jobs weren’t so separate after all. From start to finish, the process may be a tiring one, but overall it will be an unforgettable and extremely valuable one, too. Continue reading