Writer for Fear or Favour and the Autobiography of Jane Eyre. I have a serious TV addiction & a degree in writing.

Pilots: We have lift off

As we go to camera for Fear or Favour’s first episode a fight-or-flight response kicks in and we fight for our pilot until it flies. What I mean by that is that the first episode is a base to see whether the series will be picked up and can hold the attention of an audience. It is a snapshot of a much larger story and hope it will make you want to follow it until the finale, and with only so many minutes in a pilot to do so we must work with all cylinders firing.

Working on a Law Drama means you need to understand what excites people while teaching them. What makes the drama of law interesting to an audience. TV shows fall into two categories: Procedural, which focuses on one case and episode to solve, and Serial, which follows a gradual arch in a larger story.

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